Managing Digi’s XBee radio modules requires using their X-CTU package to upload the correct firmware. In this post we explain how.

A mesh network is a way of setting up a communications system when there’s no fixed infrastructure available. They’re often used for communications in remote sites, and on sensor networks.

In computer science, an actor system is a way of building programs that are very concurrent and very amenable to scheduling and management. The idea of an actor system goes back to the PhD work of Gul Agha. His actor model structures programs around a collection of simple agents called (unsurprisingly) actors. Each actor associates Read More →

Welcome to Citizen Sensing. The eventual goal of this web site is to provide to information you need to get started with sensing and sensor networks., whether you’re a student, an educator, a researcher, or a citizen scientist. At the moment, however, this site is very much under construction, so please excuse our broken links Read More →